The Eldorado Trail ( CBD Walk )

The Eldorado Trail (CBD Walk) is Kimberley's third and is centred in and around the central business district, taking in well over 50 historic buildings and sites. From diamond magnates Sir Ernest Oppenheimer and Cecil Rhodes to Kimberley greats Sol Plaatje and Bernard Klisser; from diamond sorting houses to diamond mining memorials; the famous Kimberley Club to the original Kimberley Public Library. If you have a tourist guide you'll hear of many tales of individuals such as Old Cockolorum Jones and World War I flying ace Cam Kiddie, where rugby was first organized in the country, to Mrs Jardine and her illustrious hotel, and much more besides. A fine mixture of architecture, characters, with a bit of myth and legend... the Eldorado Trail is all about where Kimberley first sprang into sudden prominence in the world.
1.City Hall.
2.Market Square.
3.Salvation Army building.
5.Bellevue Private Hotel.
6.Evangeliese Gereformeerde
7.William Pescod's Church.
8.City Club.
9.Kimberley House.
10.Rhodes' Statue.
11.Price Waterhouse Coopers.
12.Queen Victoria statue.
13.William Humphreys Art
14.Oppenheimer Gardens.
15.Sir Ernest Oppenheimer.
16.Peace Torch.
17.Harry Oppenheimer House
18.. Chinese Building.
19. No 58 Currey Street.
20. Old Baptist Church. .
21. Middlebrooks Studio. .
22. St Mary's Catholic Cathedral. .
23. Kimberley Club. .
24. Africana Library. .
25. Corner House. .
26. Alexander McGregor
27. Trinity Methodist Church.
28. Cuthberts.
29. The Perm.
30. Gowies Corner.
31. Pern bury Lodge
32.Presbyterian Church.
33.Standard Bank.
34.Consolidated Building.
35.Red Cross.
36.Benefit Society.
37.De Beers CM Head Office.
38.Masonic Hotel.
39.Magistrates Court.
40.Pioneer Memorial.