Historic Kimberley Pub Tour

During the Diamond Digging days, Kimberley was renowned for the number and variety of
its bars.
On Friday and Saturday nights the sound of merriment and honky-tonk pianos could be heard coming from the hundreds of bars in and around our city.
Today, only a few of these romantic establishments from a bygone age still exist and they flourish alongside newer more modern bars and restaurants. This tour revisits some of these old establishments still standing today.
The Historic Kimberley Pub Tour visits the following pubs & hotels (dependent upon opening hours):
1. Phoenix Hotel.
2. Cheers (Old Beaconsfield Club).
3. Halfway House.
4. KHS Old Boys' Club (Bishops Hostel).
5. Ex Servicemen's Club (Old Kimberley Golf Club).
6. Kimberley Club.
7. Savoy Hotel.
8. Constance Hall (Danskraal).
9. Star of the West.
10. Australian Arms